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What to Wear

Not sure what to wear? Read below for tips.

  • What you choose to wear is a very important part of your session. The right outfit can make the difference between good photos and amazing photos. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your wardrobe.
  • Wear coordinating outfits. You want the clothes to work together as if they are all from the same collection at your favorite store. For instance, if you have a cute dress for your little girl that has blue, brown, cream and orange accents, put Mom in a blue dress with a cute orange necklace, your son in a cream polo with jeans, and Dad in a brown polo with khakis. If everyone in the family coordinates, then every combination of people (the entire family, pairings, and individual shots) will photograph well.
  • Choose colors that always pair well together. Some examples are earth tones (tans, browns, blues, sage, olive, burnt orange, mustard yellow, etc.) and jewel tones (amethyst purple, emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red). Sometimes its fun to use an accent color (everyone in black, white, and grey with red as your accent). You can incorporate white into every combination. Denim jeans always work.
  • Remember that shoes and accessories are important. I love bare feet in photos but sometimes shoes are necessary. Please put as much thought into your shoes as you do your wardrobe - they make a huge difference. Cute necklaces, bracelets, belts, and earrings can look fantastic in photos.
  • Think about clothes that fit well and are flattering to your figure. Stay away from clothes that are too baggy or too tight. You know your figure - show off your assets and do not draw attention to your less than flattering areas. Depending on the woman, long or 3/4 sleeves might look better than a sleeveless top. A short skirt may look great on one woman while a skirt that falls just below the knees looks best on another. Play up your strengths.
  • Wear patterns and textures that are complimentary to each other.
  • Bring an extra outfit. I love variety and nothing changes things up more than a completely different wardrobe. It's certainly not necessary, but it's an option if you want it. Be sure to wear your favorite outfits first, since little ones may not feel like multiple costume changes during your family photo shoot.
  • Contact me with any questions about clothing ahead of time if you aren't sure. Feel free to take a quick photo and email it to me if you want my opinion. Even if you're out shopping and take a quick snap with your phone, I'm near my email more often than not, and I might be able to weigh in before you leave the store.